If you’re looking into underfloor heating solutions like wet underfloor heating then you might want to consider having a heat pump installed somewhere at home, as this is actually one of the most efficient ways of powering this kind of system.

Gas and oil boilers heat water to at least 65 degrees C, which would be damaging to your floor covering and also be very hot to stand on! You’ll also spend a lot more money than you would otherwise because you have to use a mixture of both hot and cold water to bring the temperature back down so it’s more comfortable for you, which is highly inefficient!

With heat pumps, however, hot water is produced at the perfect temperature for underfloor heating so you’ll use less energy and spend less money. But – it’s important to note that if you want to go down this route, you should include the heat pump at the planning stage so that you can lay your pipes down under the floor at the right distance apart for the best efficiency possible.


You can invest in either a ground source or air source heat pump. Ground source pumps work by taking warmth from the earth and using it to heat your house and your hot water. Air source pumps, meanwhile, extract heat from the air outside, push its temperature up and then use it to heat the inside of the house. Air-to-air pumps produce warm and cool air, circulating it through fans. Air-to-water pumps work to supply your house’s wet central heating system.

The ezecable range

- for bathrooms or irregularly shaped areas

ezecable is only 2.1mm thick and is generally used for irregular shaped areas, like bathrooms. Loose cables are adhered to the floor using the fixing tape provided.

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ezemat 160w

- for larger areas like a kitchen or large bathroom

Mats are faster to install and have a fixed cable space that gives a pleasant even spread of heat over the floor surface. The watts per m² tells you the power output of a system.

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UHHQ 200w Mat

ezemat 200w

- to heat a conservatory, kitchen or a whole house

We recommend that you use the 200w mat in older buildings, conservatories and where more heat is generally required. Our new 200w mat has many benefits over competitors.

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Ezewarm underfloor heating systems

Electric underfloor heating is now an essential lifestyle choice for any professionally designed room. For your project you will want to purchase the highest quality products, with a lifetime guarantee at a fair price. You should also try to buy products made within the UK and Ireland whenever possible.

Our cable and mat products are probably the best on the market and to our knowledge are the only system’s manufactured in Ireland. You can have 100% peace of mind knowing that our heating products are manufactured in a safe regulated environment to exact standards and approvals. We offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our cables and mat systems.

All you need to buy is the correct sized product, a programmable thermostat and to make sure that you have a residual current device (RCD) on the electricity supply.

Ezewarm floor heating systems - ultimate comfort with even heat distribution.

Why buy our products?

Our factory has been selling electric underfloor heating globally for over ten years and have been in the heating industry for more than 30 years. We are experts and pride ourselves on our excellent customer service.

Our products have many benefits including:

  • Thin cable technology - 2mm Heating cables
  • Safety - International safety approvals
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Easy fit - One 3m connection cable
  • Strength - Mats have a tough fibre glass construction
  • Power - 160 or 200 watts per m2 mat systems
  • Technology – we use Tefzel insulation

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